3×3 League – Social Basketball Christchurch

The all-new league for 2021: 3×3 social league – Wednesday nights at Wharenui!


Are you and a group of your friends or workmates looking for an exciting way to keep fit and exercise?

Are you keen to rapidly level up your basketball skills with three quick-fire 12 minute games every Wednesday night?


3 x 3 Social League Christchurch


  • Duration: Leagues run in 4 blocks of 12 week draws over the course of the year.
  • Game times: 6:30pm & 7:15pm (Your team’s game time will rotate in the draw each week).
  • Running clock: 12 minutes per game with a 3 minute break in-between games. 3 different opponents each night.
  • Format: Played on half court. Four half courts play simultaneously – 8 teams play in each time slot. There is one ref per game.
  • Suitable for: Players who love basketball and want to play in fast-paced, yet well-organised games.
  • Skill level: Social. (Semi-Beginner to Intermediate).
  • Cost: $40 per team, per night.


To enter a team, or for further information on organising your 3×3 team / being a 3×3 team captain, call Dave now on 027 217 9296. Or email him on: socialbball@gmail.com


3 on 3 Social Basketball Chch


Why enter the 3×3 League?


  • Play multiple games of high-paced ball in a social setting with a great standard of refereeing on non-slippery courts.
  • Play in a social team with your friends and/ or workmates – it’s an excellent way to deepen relationships and get to know people better.
  • Reasonably priced at $40 per team per game (this works out at $8-$10 per person per night).
  • Fitness benefits: level-up your cardio stamina, agility, basket-shooting & concentration under pressure! 2021 is the ideal year to Be Your Fittest You.
  • This is a rapid fire workout – improve your basketball skills fast.
  • Enjoy yourself – 3×3 games are a truckload more fun than going for a jog in Winter.


3×3 League Rules


Games: Teams play 3 games of 12 minutes running clock with 3 minute breaks in-between games. 3 different opponents each night.

To Win: Each game is first team to 21 points or 12 minutes running clock.

Players on Court/ Subs: Teams must have three players, should have four players (1 sub) and can have 5 players (2 subs). 

Smaller Ball: The ball used is a FIBA regulation 3X3 size 6 ball (it is the same weight as a size 7 regular ball) 


3×3 Scoring:

1 point for any shot inside the arc.

2 points for any shot outside the arc.

NO Free Throws. Any foul in the act of shooting is count the basket and a change of possessions occurs. Check ball at the top. 


3x3 Social League Basketball Chch


3×3 Game Rules

Any time the ball goes out of bounds it is check ball at the top.

Following each successful field goal: 

• A player from the non-scoring team resumes the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the arc. 

Following each unsuccessful field goal: 

• If the offensive player rebounds the ball, he can continue to attempt to score without returning the ball behind the arc. 

• If the defensive player rebounds the ball, he must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling). 

If the defensive team steals or blocks the ball, it must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling).

Possession of the ball given to either team following any dead ball situation starts/ resumes with a checkball, i.e. an exchange of the ball (between the defensive and the offensive player) behind the arc at the top of the playing court. 

A player is considered to be “behind the arc” when neither of his feet is inside or on the arc line. 

In the event of a jump ball situation, the game resumes with a check-ball for the last defensive team.   

Substitutions are on dead ball situations after a foul.


For further info read the Social Basketball CHCH FAQ


Feel free to call Dave on 027 217 9296, or email him on socialbball@gmail.com, if you have any questions about the 3×3 league team registration process.


3 on 3 Social Hoops Chch