Individuals keen to join a team

So you’re an Individual keen to join a team and play social basketball in Christchurch?


Social Basketball CHCH gets many individuals contacting us to enquire about joining a team in one of our league nights. 

Unfortunately, we are not a club and so have no direct way of placing players into teams (the teams organise themselves).

We only take entries from teams and administer the competitions.

The leagues have approximately 70 men’s teams, 30 mixed teams and 12 junior men’s teams (age 15-21) and run Monday-Thursday nights at various venues around Christchurch.

If you’d like to join a team please do not contact us direct. Instead, below are the 2 options you have to find a team.


Option 1: Visit our Facebook Page


We have created a post on our Facebook page here, for the purpose of helping individuals join existing teams that are short on players or to form their own teams among themselves:

When you visit the Facebook page we recommend you:

a) Leave a comment explaining that you are keen to join a team. We recommend you list:

  • your skill level (beginner/ experienced player)
  • the night/s you are available to play


b) See if any existing team captains have left comments seeking players – if so be quick to respond as these spots get filled fast.

or (for the very motivated and organised only!)

c) If you are highly motivated to be a team captain yourself, recruit players from those who have commented saying they are keen to join a team. You will need to message these people direct – sorry we don’t have the resources to assist you with this.

Option 2: Show Up at the Venues & Offer to Fill-in


Show up at the venues, hang around and make friends and offer to fill in when teams are short – that way you’re more likely to get an invite back – be proactive talking to the teams.

You can go the weekly draw page of this website to find out about game times and venues

If you are persistent and patient, you will probably be able to join a team. Good luck!


So you’re a Team Captain short of a player or two?


If your team has become short on players please go to Facebook here and write a comment requesting keen individuals to contact you.

We recommend you mention:

  • Your team name
  • The night you play
  • Any specific types of player you are looking for

You should see some offers from potential players very quickly. Once you have found your extra player/s please leave a further note to say ’now full thanks’ – or you may be inundated with messages.