Social Basketball Christchurch is the largest provider of Men’s & Mixed-gender social basketball competitions and games in Christchurch.

We currently offer four nights of leagues that cater for over 150 teams.



What leagues are on offer for 2023?


Monday Night:


Monday Men’s at Cathedral College, Bishopdale YMCA, St Thomas College & Hillmorton High.

Monday Mixed at Wharenui Gym & Hillmorton High.


Tuesday Night:

Tuesday Men’s at Middleton Grange, St Thomas College & Graham Condon Centre & Hillmorton High.

Tuesday Mixed at Wharenui Gym.


Wednesday Night:


Wednesday Men’s at Cathedral College, Wharenui Gym & Hillmorton High. 


Thursday Night:


Thursday Men’s at Wharenui Gym, Graham Condon Centre, & Hillmorton High. 


To enter a team, or for further information, call Lisa now on 027 345 3552. Or email her on: socialbball@gmail.com


Can I enter a team at any time?

Yes! The leagues run right through the year from Monday January 16th through to the 2nd week of December. They are administered in 12 week blocks with a finals at the end of each round. Provided there is space in the night you are looking to enter we can fit you into a current draw.


What is the Cost?

The cost is $60 incl GST per team, per night. This works out to approx $8-9 per person for a 40 minute game – which is cheaper than our biggest competitor, indoor netball, which is $9-10 per person for 28 minute games.


How do we pay?

Most teams pay week by week, on the night, before the game to the referee. Please collect the money from your individual team members and then pay the referee one amount for your team. Teams can pay weekly online or by lump sum in advance if they desire.


What times are the games played?

Games run in 45 minute time slots and consist of two twenty minute running clock halves. Standard game times are 6:15pm, 7pm, 7:45pm and 8:30pm.


Are there any special “social” rules in the mixed?

We have a few special rules in the mixed to maximise the sum total of everyone’s enjoyment. Girls guard girls and guys guard guys. There needs to be 3 guys and 2 girls on the court. A guy cannot block the shot of a girl or steal the ball of her when she is dribbling.  We make sure that rebounding is not overly aggressive.

In both men’s and mixed grades we don’t shoot free throws. If you get fouled in the act of shooting the basket counts. The reason for this is two fold: it discourages fouling and players want the maximum amount of running up and down fitness – standing around watching one person shoot free throws every third or fourth possession is tedious!


Does my team need a uniform?

No. The majority of teams just choose a team colour and get their team members to wear a t-shirt or singlet in that colour. If you have uniforms/matching tops that is ideal but not necessary.


Can we request a specific venue at a specific time?

All teams are given the opportunity to request their venue and game time preferences. When doing the draw we keep these in mind and will do our best to accommodate but we do not promise anything! As a general rule teams prefer to play earlier game times so everyone has to take their turn at having later games.


To enter a team, or for further information, call Lisa now on 027 345 3552. Or email her on: socialbball@gmail.com