Weekly Draw Social Basketball Christchurch

Weekly Draw

Monday Men's May 27th

Bishopdale YMCA 

Court 1 

7:00 Pirates vs LeWashed

7:45 Average Joes vs Chuck P Nuk + AB Boys 

8:30 Smash Bros vs Chur X3


Court 2

7:00 Wolfpack vs Bespoke Buckets 

7:45 Net Prophets W vs LeBrontourage

8:30 Net Prophets B vs Parlez Sports 


St Thomas’s College – entrance off Middlepark Road

Court 1 

6:15 The Mud Crabs vs The Journeymen 

7:00 Foodies vs The Brodies

7:45 Chicken Burgah vs Honey Bs

8:30 Swish vs Hoopers 


Court 2

6:15 Razzle Dazzle vs Choose Sarcasm Ballers

7:00 Blokes n Blokes vs Tap n Gap 

7:45 Making It Drizzle vs Craft Studio Clippers 

8:30 Slim Reapers + Alex vs Noughts & Crossovers


Cathedral College – Entrance off Ferry Rd

6:15 The Rim Reapers vs Mighty Mallards

7:00 Domestic Dunkers vs The Reach Arounds

7:45 Chino Hills vs Raptors 

8:30 Jaball vs The Last Airballers


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Rd

7:45 Social Bball Team vs Blue Ballers

8:30 Mixed Game 

BYE: Thunder Ducks



Monday Mixed May 27th

Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

Court 1

6:15 Pegasus Ballers vs Smokey T’s

7:00 Rookie Wookies vs Ballers

7:45 Loose Cannons vs Slammed Drunk

8:30 Crazy Crays vs Mrs Browns Boys 

Court 2

6:15 Nothing But Net vs Hoop Dreams

7:00 Wonton Noodle Hoops vs Warpigs

7:45 Enuffsaid vs Shots Up 

8:30 Cape Firefighters vs Rehab Runaways 


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Rd  

7:45 Men’s Game

8:30 Ball Is Life vs Crisp 

Tuesday Men's May 28th


Graham Condon Centre

6:30 Tri Stars vs Bricked Up Ballers

7:15 LeMickys vs Bounty Boys

8:00 City Impact vs Blouses

8:45 BBL Swishy vs LA Fitness


St Thomas’s College Entrance off Middlepark Road 

Court 1 

No Early Game

7:15 Big Ballers vs Rim Ticklers 

8:00 Juan On Juan vs At Least We Tried  

8:45 101 vs G Bay Ballers 


Court 2

No Early Game 

7:15 Dribbling Idiots vs Milwaukee Cucks

8:00 DeMars Rover vs Bucky Shots 

8:45 Don’t Dis My Bro Russ vs Lalo


Middleton Grange Old Gym – Entrance off Suva St

6:30 Isaac’s Hornets vs Dusty Balls

7:15 Skittles vs Fish Lips 

8:00 Pass The Rock To Lamar vs Hanks

8:45 Traders Team vs Mid



Hillmorton High School – Entrance Off Tankerville Rd 

No Games Here This Week


Cathedral College – Entrance Off Ferry Rd

No Games Here This Week 


Tuesday Mixed May 28th

Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

Court 1

6:15 Basket Cases vs Swish Kebabs 

7:00 Benchwarmers vs Wolfpack 

7:45 Backcourt Violators vs Bonesetters 

8:30 Make A Wish vs Don’t Kawhi


Court 2

6:15 AC Thunder vs Church Ball

7:00 ED Youth vs WM Can’t Jump 

7:45 Foul Players vs Foosh

8:30 Andre Drummondbase vs M+M


Middleton Grange  Old Gym – Entrance off Suva St

Men’s Games This Week

BYE: 161 Ballers, Sooty Shearwater

Wednesday Men's May 29th

Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

6:15 Wrong Code vs Brick Squad

7:00 The Blue Buddies vs Pro Bricklayers 

7:45 Buddy Ball Club vs Everyone Loves Draymond

8:30 PW Hoopers vs Zs Squad 


Cathedral College – Entrance off Ferry Rd

6:15 Pokies n Tokies vs She’d Be Lucky

7:00 Globo Gym Purple Cobras vs 03

7:45 Basement Boys vs Dream Team 

8:30 Davis Ogilvie vs Benny + The Nets


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road 

6:15 Soccer vs Airforce None 

7:00 Baskket Getters vs Boss Hogs

7:45 BTB vs 50 Shades Of Klay

8:30 Hori Hoopers vs Get Your Greek Freak On


Mairehau High School – Hills Rd 

6:15 Sea Men vs Danny’s Dawgs

7:00 Eastside Railblazers vs Airballs Anonymous 

7:45 Detroit Pistons vs Copper 3s


Thursday Men's May 30th

Graham Condon Centre

Court 1

6:30 Uncle Ash & The Young Bluds vs CRC

7:15 Globo Gym Purple Cobras vs Boss Hogs

8:00 The Go Team vs SOS

8:45 Shook Not Stirred vs Balls 


Court 2

6:30 No Subs vs SGC

7:15 Splash Bros vs Killa 3s

8:00 The Niggles vs Three Without The D

8:45 Bricknation vs Gators 


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St 

6:15 Baby Dribble vs Steve’s

7:00 Rowley United vs Kawhi Me A River 

7:45 Deep Sea Swishing  vs Tingus Pingus

8:30 Cornerstone Corner 3s vs Downtown Pocket Rockets 


Hillmorton High School – carpark off Tankerville Rd 

8:00 Shaqtin Da Fool vs Wombles 

8:45 Rim Ticklers vs Apex Predators 


Hi team, for any enquiries about the draw please contact our coordinator Lisa on 027 345 3552 – or email her on socialbball@gmail.com


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