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Hi team, for any enquiries about the draw please contact our coordinator Lisa on 027 345 3552 – or email her on socialbball@gmail.com


Monday Men’s 11th December  


Bishopdale YMCA

Court 1

7:00 Wolfpack vs Eastside Ballers

7:45 Chuck P Nuk vs Golden Oldies 

8:30 Net Prophets B vs Net Prophets W (C Final)


Court 2

7:00 Pirates vs Bullsh..

7:45 The Journeymen vs The Reach Arounds 

8:30 Jeff Beard vs Chur X3


St Thomas’s College – entrance off Middlepark Road

Court 1

6:15 Noughts & Crossovers vs Mighty Mallards (A Final)

7:00 LeBrontourage vs All 3s No Knees (B Final) 

7:45 Domestic Dunkers vs Rim Wreckers (D Final)

8:30 Bed, Bath + Biyombo vs BBB


Court 2

6:15 The Mud Crabs vs Hanrahan Hooters

7:00 Average Joes vs The Social Bball Team 

7:45 Blokes n Blokes vs Miles High Club

8:30 Hoopers vs Shooters 


Cathedral College – Carpark Entrance off Ferry Road

6:15 LeWashed vs Slim Reapers + Alex 

7:00 Swish vs Splash Kings 

7:45 Parlez Sports vs Rabbos Miso 

8:30 Thunder Ducks vs Raptors 


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road

6:15 Foodies vs Tap n Gap

7:00 Craft Studio Clippers vs Boss Hogs 

7:45 Your Mum vs Make It Drizzle 

8:30 Mixed Game


Monday Mixed 11th December 

Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St 

Court 1

6:15 Hoop Dreams vs Loose Cannons

7:00 Beauty1 vs Wonton Noodle Hoops (B Final)

7:45 Nothing But Net vs Akatsuki 

8:30 Ball Is Life vs Bacon Brigade (A Final)


Court 2

6:15 United Nations vs Dunkin Donuts

7:00 Airballers vs Pegasus Ballers 

7:45 Crazy Crays vs Boom Town 

8:30 Crisp vs Rookie Wookies


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road

6:15 Men’s Game

7:00 Men’s Game

7:45 Men’s Game

8:30 The Reustars vs Te Wairau 



Tuesday Men’s 12th December 


Graham Condon Centre

6:30 Brick Squad vs Off The Muscle

7:15 Piney Pavers vs Bricked Up Ballers (A Final)

8:00 Hanks vs Traders Team 

8:45 Lalo vs Fruity (C Final)


St Thomas’s College – Entrance of Middlepark Road

Court 1

6:15 Don’t Dis My Bro Russ vs Pokies n Tokies 

7:00 Dusty Balls vs Fish Lips (B Final)

7:45 Blue Ballers vs Blouses  

8.30 Pass The Rock To Lamar vs Rim Ticklers 


Court 2

6:15 Bounty Boys vs Tri Stars 

7:00 Boss Hogs vs Dribbling Idiots  

7:45 At Least We Tried vs Milwaukee Cucks

8:30 Bucky Shots vs Receders & Buzzer Beaters 



Tuesday Mixed 12th December 

Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

Court 1

6:15 The Foul Players vs Wolfpack

7:00 Enuffsaid vs NZM Buckets (A Final)

7:45 ED Youth vs Swish Kebabs (B Final)

8:30 Globo Gym vs AC Thunder


Court 2

6:15 Basket Cases vs Sooty Shearwaters 

7:00 Purple Thunder vs M+M

7:45 Straight Gravy vs Warpigs

8:30 Benchwarmers vs 263


Wednesday Men’s 13th December


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

6:15 Canterbury Flight Brothers vs Bob Ross In The Paint

7:00 Buddy Ball Club vs Basement Boys

7:45 Get Your Greek Freak On vs Higher Faster Quicker (A Final)

8:30 Davis Ogilvie vs Hori Hoopers (B Final)


Cathedral College – Entrance off Ferry Rd

6:00 Mind Goblin vs Eastside Rail Blazers

6:40 Danny’s Dawgs vs Hussman Ballerz

7:25 PW Hoopers vs Boom Town

8:10 Sponsor Us vs She’d Be Lucky 

8:50 Detroit Fistons vs BTB (C Final)


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road 

6:00 Everyone Loves Draymond vs Pro Bricklayers

6:40 Soccer vs Better Call Gasol

7:25 Rim Blasters vs Cavemen

8:10 We Missed Practice vs Sea Men

8:50 50 Shades Of Klay vs Blue Buddies


Thursday Men’s 14th December 


Graham Condon Centre

Court 1

6:30 Killa 3s vs CRC

7:15 Pause vs The Go Team (A Final)

8:00 SOS vs Kawhi Me A River 

8:45 Splash Bros vs Bricknation


Court 2

6:30 Balls vs Higher Faster Quicker 

7:15 Shaqtin Da Fool vs Thursday Club (B Final)

8:00 Ōtautahi District Ballers vs Wombles 

8:45 Deep Sea Swishing vs Pick N Mix


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

6:15 Lyttelton 28ers vs Fowl Play

7:00 SGC vs Big Cheese