Business with a Conscience!

Social Basketball Christchurch supports four charities and has consistently redistributed 10-15% of the annual profit into local, national and international charitable works.

Those who have been around for a while will know that we have been investing some of the profit of the business (approx $1000 per year per charity) into the following:

Canterbury Junior Basketball Coaching Development

Supporting elite coaches and referees of junior basketball in Canterbury.

3D International Aid Program

We have just completed 7 years of child sponsorship for 3 young people who live in extreme poverty on Tibetian Plateu.

SYC – Spreydon Youth Community Trust

Oversees leadership development of volunteer leaders who mentor young people in christchurch.

Hillmorton High Basketball Program

In 2018 we started a partnership to support year 7-13 High School Basketball at Hillmorton High. We ran a very successful 10 team Social Basketball Tournament over a weekend and raised $3000 to go directly to Hillmorton High Basketball Program. All of the money raised will be used to pay decent coaches for the school teams and to help support kids from families who are struggling financially to get to be able to play in leagues and go to tournaments!

We are proud to be a reasonably priced social sports alternative – no price increase since 2015 – that keeps Canterbury people healthy and active and a business that thinks outside of ourselves and uses your participation to help others.

Dave Langrell

Owner and Manager of Social Basketball Christchurch