Mixed Leagues – Social Basketball Christchurch 2022

Monday & Tuesday MIXED social basketball leagues in 2022.


Are you and a group of your male & female friends looking for a social way to keep fit and exercise while having fun?

Did you play some basketball in the past and want to get back in to it and improve your skills?


Thursday Night Mixed Gender Basketball League Chch 2021


  • Dates: Every Monday or Tuesday night during 2022, commencing week of January 16th: (Pick your night and – Register your team here now).
  • Venues: 

Monday Mixed at Wharenui Gym

Tuesday Mixed at Wharenui Gym

  • Duration: Leagues run in 4 blocks of 12 week draws over the course of the year.
  • Game times: 6:15pm, 7pm, 7.45pm and 8:30pm. (Your team’s game time will rotate in the draw each week).
  • Running clock: 40 minutes. (2 halves of 20 minutes, with a 1 minute half-time break).
  • Suitable for: Players who enjoy basketball and want to play in easy-going but organised games.
  • Skill level: Social. (Semi-Beginner to Intermediate).


To enter a team, or for further information on organising your Mixed team / being a Mixed team captain, call Dave now on 027 217 9296. Or email him on: socialbball@gmail.com


Mixed Social League Basketball CHCH Monday Night Wharanui


Why enter the Mixed League?


  • Play basketball in a social setting with a great standard of refereeing on non-slippery courts.
  • Play in a social team with your male & female friends and/ or workmates – it’s an excellent way to maintain and develop relationships.
  • Reasonably priced at $55 per team per game (this works out at $8-$9 per person per night).
  • Fitness benefits: improve your cardio fitness, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination & concentration.
  • Learn and improve your basketball skills.
  • Enjoy yourself – games are a lot more fun than going for a run in Winter!


Information for Mixed Team organisers/ captains:


  • Get a groups of friends and/ or work-mates together and enter a team.
  • We recommend you get 7 to 10 people for your team (about half women and half men is ideal – a requirement of the mixed is that each team has 2 women on court at any one time).
  • Choose a team name. Choose a team colour (Uniforms are optional).
  • For further details on Entering A Mixed Team Click Here.


Mixed League Rules


We have several special social rules in an attempt to maximise the sum total of everyone’s enjoyment!


The following Mixed League Rules are enforced by the referee:


  1. There must always be 3 guys and 2 girls on the court.
  2. Guys guard guys and girls guard girls – guys cannot block a girl’s shot, or steal the ball from her when she is dribbling.
  3. We don’t shoot free throws as it slows the game down – therefore any foul in the act of shooting is “basket counts.”


The following Mixed League Principles are to be adhered to:


  1. We do our very best to keep aggressive and physical play to a minimum: referees have no hesitation in sidelining overly aggressive players.
  2. Good players should not be looking to dominate beginners! New players will be given some latitude on rules like double dribble and travel within reason.
  3. Rebounding shouldn’t look anything like competition basketball rebounding. No pushing and jostling for position – just stand next to each other, jump vertical and try and get it.
  4. Even though fouls are not counted, any player persistently fouling will be warned by the referee, and if they continue, sidelined. A good general rule to keep in mind is that you are playing in a game that is, at most, three quarters of the length of a competition game so if you foul more than FOUR times in the whole game it’s probably too much!



For further info read the Social Basketball CHCH FAQ


Feel free to call Dave on 027 217 9296, or email him on socialbball@gmail.com, if you have any questions about the mixed team registration process.


Social mixed league basketball in CHCH