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Monday Men’s 16th May


Bishopdale YMCA

Court 1

6:30 Bed Bath Biyombo vs Sweet Dimes

7:15 The Journeymen vs Chuck PNuk + AB Boys

8:00 Basket Junkies vs The Greeners

8:45 ANZ vs The Raisins


Court 2

7:15 Parlez Sports vs Balls Deep

8:00 WSLWT vs Shake n Bake

8:45 WSLWT Green vs And None


St Thomas’s College – entrance off Middlepark Road

Court 1

6:00 RSO’s vs LeBrontourage

6:40 Average Joes vs Woj Bombs

7:25 Buddy Ball Club vs Dwarf Balls

8:10 Steamers vs Hanrahan Hooters

8:50 Hoopers vs Bullsh…


Court 2

6:00 Pippen Aint Easy vs Bucket Getters

6:40 Pirates vs Noughts + Crossovers

7:25 Dactyls vs LeWashed

8:10 The Mighty Vodafone Warriors vs YTB

8:50 Baby Dribble vs Blokes n Blokes


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road 

6:00 LaVine LaVida Loca vs Making It Drizzle

6:40 Tom Thumb + Fingers vs The Mud Crabs

7:25 BBB vs Thunder Ducks

8:10 Sand Crabs vs Limited Edition


Monday Mixed 16th May


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

Court 1

6:15 Hoops I did It Again vs Cryptical Stars

7:00 Duck Duck Goosies vs Enuffsaid

7:45 Ball is Life vs Cool Limes 

8:30 Back Court Violators vs Angry Geese


Court 2

6:15 Pegasus Ballers vs The Banjos

7:00 Hoop Dreams vs Lizzie Street Ballers

7:45 The Brooks vs Wonton Noodle Hoops

8:30 Nothing But Net vs Airballers

Bye: United Nations, Crazy Crays



Tuesday Men’s 17th May

Graham Condon Centre

7:30 Tumanako vs Fish Lips

8:15 Bounty Boys vs Hanks

9:00 Losers vs Lane Patrol


St Thomas’s College – entrance off Middlepark Road

Court One

6:30 Mates V vs Bricklayers

7:15 Bricked Up Ballers vs Blouses

8:00 Slime City vs Silverbacks

8:45 Skittles vs Tri Stars


Court Two

6:30 Glass Eaters vs Cookies + Kareem

7:15 Hughes Return vs Triple Singles

8:00 Bucky Shots vs Pass The Rock

8:45 The Bball Team vs DeMars Rover


Cathedral College – Entrance off Ferry Rd

6:15 Donda Sports Academy vs Lytellton 28ers

7:00 BZ Sharks vs Bronze Beasts

7:45 LeMickys vs Dusty Balls


Middleton Grange Old Gym – Carpark Entrance of Suva Street

6:30 Get your Greek Freak On vs Amberley Railway Taverns

7:15 Dribbling Idiots vs At Least We Tried

8:00 Mixed Game

8:45 Mixed Game


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road 

No Games at Hillmorton this week


Bye: The Jonses


Tuesday Mixed 17th May  


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

Court 1

6:15 Sooty Shearwaters vs Andre Drummonbass

7:00 Benchwarmers vs Gazza’s Grizzlies

7:45 The Foul Players vs Swish Kebabs

8:30 Te Akatoki til I Karkatoki vs Off Da Dome


Court 2

6:15 AC Thunder vs Friends of Bumble

7:00 Team Seven vs M + M

7:45 The Valley Girls vs 3’s Get Degrees

8:30 Grad Gators vs Wolfpack


Middleton Grange Old Gym – Carpark Entrance off Suva Street

8:00 Kewpie vs Meriballers

8:45 69ers vs 3rd Quarter Klay



Wednesday Mens 18th May


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

6:15 CHONCAGO Bulls vs Small Ball

7:00 Strokes vs Kony Bryant

7:45 Undrafted vs Reality Kings

8:30 McSofty’s vs 50 Shades of Klay


Cathedral College Entrance off Ferry Rd

6:15 Basement Boys vs Davis Ogilvie

7:00 Norfolk + Chance vs Benny + the Nets

7:45 Shrimp Gang vs Obi Wan Ginobli

8:30 Good Crack City vs Tradies with Ladies


Hillmorton High School – Entrance off Tankerville Road

6:15 Brick City vs Sham Yao

7:00 Fishnets vs Sky City Rimbreakers

7:45 Honey Ballers vs Billy Mavs

8:30 She’d Be Lucky vs Ankle Bullies

Bye: BookClub


Thursday Men’s 19th May 

Graham Condon Centre

Court One

6:45 Shaqtin Da Fool vs G Squad

7:30 Rowley vs Pause

8:15 Killa 3’s vs Go Team

9:00 The Brodie Bunch vs The Bricklayers


Court Two 

7:30 Big Ballers vs SOS

8:15 Bricknation vs Wombles

9:00 The Bene Boys vs CBK


Wharenui Gym – Corner Matipo and Elizabeth St

6:30 SGC vs White Men Can Jump

7:15 Eskimo Bros vs Balls

8:00 Boss Hogs vs Roaarrryyy