Entering A Team

Entering a Team – Social Basketball Christchurch


To Enter a Team please email socialbball@gmail.com or text Lisa on 027 345 3552 and provide the following information:

  1. Team Name – 🙂
  2. Team Colour – uniforms or matching tops are ideal but not essential – please just choose a colour and get your team members to wear a t-shirt or singlet in that colour.
  3. Contact person details – name, email and mobile number.
  4. Game time and venue preferences – no promises but I try to accommodate if possible.


Entering a Team Social Basketball Christchurch


Can I enter a team at any time?


Yes! Leagues run right through the year from Monday January 16th 2023 through to the 2nd week of December. They are administered in 12 week blocks with a finals at the end of each round. Provided there is space in the night you are looking to enter we can fit you into a current draw.

  • Game times range from 6:15pm at the earliest until 9pm at the latest.
  • The competitions run in four 12 week blocks from mid January until mid December.


Contact Person and Payments


By entering a team you take responsibility for making sure your team pays the weekly game fee of $60. If the team exits the competition and owes any money you will be the one being chased so please be organised.  Do not hand this responsibility to another team member without informing Lisa on 027 345 3552.

There are 3 options for paying:

1. Pay $60 cash on the night each week to the referee before or immediately after game.

2. Pay $60 online on internet banking each week prior to your game day.

3. Pay in lump sums online on internet banking IN ADVANCE.


Social Basketball Leagues Available to Enter In 2023


Monday Night:

Monday Men’s at Cathedral College, Bishopdale YMCA, St Thomas College & Hillmorton High.

Monday Mixed at Wharenui Gym & Hillmorton High.


Tuesday Night:


Tuesday Men’s at Middleton Grange, St Thomas College & Graham Condon Centre & Hillmorton High.

Tuesday Mixed at Wharenui Gym.


Wednesday Night:


Wednesday Men’s at Cathedral College, Wharenui Gym & Hillmorton High. 


Thursday Night:


Thursday Men’s at Wharenui Gym, Graham Condon Centre, & Hillmorton High. 





If you ever have to default (please try hard not to!) you will be charged $40 the first time provided you provide at least 4 hours notice. Any further default will be the full $60 charge.



Weekly Draw


The Weekly Draw is posted on the website on Friday around midday for the following week. If you spot any clashes or mistakes please text Lisa on 027 345 3552.

Dave Langrell: Social Basketball CHCH Coordinator

Dave Langrell Posts the Weekly Draw each Friday.





The standard of refereeing is the single most important factor in you and your teammates enjoying your games. I try to find the best people possible and am constantly giving them feedback. Please keep in mind you are playing in social games with one referee. At competitive club level the game is refereed by two officials and three officials at national and international level.


For Further Information READ OUR FAQ.

Any questions, contact Lisa at socialbball@gmail.com or 027 345 3552

The Accessman Charity Basketball Tournament

The Accessman Charity Basketball Tournament

Weekend: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November 2020

Experience the excitement of playing in an intensive weekend tournament in CHCH.

Stretch yourself (play 5 games over 36 hours), test your team and get some intensive exercise!

Entries close morning of Thursday November 13th. Text or Email Dave on 027 217 9296/ socialbball@gmail.com to Enter Now.

All proceeds from this event go to the Hillmorton High Basketball program – helping the next generation access opportunities to play hoops, be well coached and attend tournaments.

Summer Social Basketball Classic Tourney CHCH

There are 5 Tournament Grades to choose from:

Men’s Elite: Competitive Grade suitable for high level club players

Men’s Gold: Social Standard Grade. 

Men’s Silver: Social Standard Grade. 

Men’s Bronze: Social Standard Grade.

Mixed Social: Mixed Gender Social Teams

Venue: St Thomas College & Hillmorton High

Tournament Details:

Each grade has a maximum of 6 team entries.

Each team will play 5 games in straight round robin format. Teams that finish 1st and 2nd in the Round Robin will make the Final of their grade.

Note: There will not be 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th play offs.

The Games:

  • Court Time: Games are 2* 20 minute running clock halves. Stop clock last minute of second half.
  • Reffing: One referee per game. Finals two referees.
  • Number of Games: All teams are guaranteed 5 games.
  • Saturday Round Robin: 3 round robin games Saturday between 8:30am and 5:30pm.
  • Sunday Round Robin: 2 round robin games on Sunday between 8:30 and 2:30pm. Finals will be between 2:30 and 5:30pm.

The Tournament Draw

  • The tournament draw will go live on the website on Monday 16th November – check the draw here.  For now ensure your 8-12 team members are all free on the weekend of Nov 21st and 22nd.

Entering your team in the Tournament:

  • Entry Fee is $450 per team. 
  • Each Team must have 8-12 players. A minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 players.
  • Teams must have matching Singlets/Tops. (Not just a matching colour but matching tops). Numbers not required.

To enter: Text or Email Dave 027 217 9296 socialbball@gmail.com with:

1. Team name
2. Team Colour
3. Team Contact person mobile and email
4. Grade you are Entering

5. Spot in Tournament not secured until $100 Deposit is paid.

You can bank transfer your deposit to: 12 3148 0145736 00.

Reference: ACBT and Your Team Name

Our thanks to the generous Tournament Sponsor: Accessman

When you need to Make Height Easy, give Accessman a call on 03 377 8000

Accessman Christchurch Charity Basketball Tournament Sponsor

Individuals keen to join a team

So you’re an Individual keen to join a team and play social basketball in Christchurch?


Social Basketball CHCH gets many individuals contacting us to enquire about joining a team in one of our league nights. 

Unfortunately, we are not a club and so have no direct way of placing players into teams (the teams organise themselves).

We only take entries from teams and administer the competitions.

The leagues have approximately 70 men’s teams, 30 mixed teams and 12 junior men’s teams (age 15-21) and run Monday-Thursday nights at various venues around Christchurch.

If you’d like to join a team please do not contact us direct. Instead, below are the 2 options you have to find a team.


Option 1: Visit our Facebook Page


We have created a post on our Facebook page here, for the purpose of helping individuals join existing teams that are short on players or to form their own teams among themselves:

When you visit the Facebook page we recommend you:

a) Leave a comment explaining that you are keen to join a team. We recommend you list:

  • your skill level (beginner/ experienced player)
  • the night/s you are available to play


b) See if any existing team captains have left comments seeking players – if so be quick to respond as these spots get filled fast.

or (for the very motivated and organised only!)

c) If you are highly motivated to be a team captain yourself, recruit players from those who have commented saying they are keen to join a team. You will need to message these people direct – sorry we don’t have the resources to assist you with this.

Option 2: Show Up at the Venues & Offer to Fill-in


Show up at the venues, hang around and make friends and offer to fill in when teams are short – that way you’re more likely to get an invite back – be proactive talking to the teams.

You can go the weekly draw page of this website to find out about game times and venues

If you are persistent and patient, you will probably be able to join a team. Good luck!


So you’re a Team Captain short of a player or two?


If your team has become short on players please go to Facebook here and write a comment requesting keen individuals to contact you.

We recommend you mention:

  • Your team name
  • The night you play
  • Any specific types of player you are looking for

You should see some offers from potential players very quickly. Once you have found your extra player/s please leave a further note to say ’now full thanks’ – or you may be inundated with messages.